Sunday, December 5, 2010

Healin' in the House!

That's what we need! Here's what we've been dealing with lately...
Poor Babers looks terrible! This picture makes me want to cry!! It was taken yesterday morning. We had to take her back to the doctor on Friday because her sinus infection just wasn't going away, so they put her on stronger antibiotics, which seem to be helping thus far. Unfortunately she's reacting to it and has spots all over her body. She seems to be getting better, but yesterday morning she looked and felt awful! Poor baby.
Chicks was diagnosed with bronchitis earlier in the week and has been on antibiotics as well. Thankfully, they seem to be working and she's acting like a different person. It was getting bad for a while! I couldn't handle one more moment of her attitude! Here's our little fashionista wearing Daddy's socks and Mommy's glasses. Actually, she's not calling us "Mommy" and "Daddy" anymore. She's much too cool for that! Now its just "Mom" and "Dad." She's entered the stage where she constantly asks us (or kind of demands) to watch her do things - "Hey Mom. Watch this." "Hey Dad. Watch this" - followed by absolutely nothing worth watching. Oh well. We still enjoy it. :)

So, it has been a long road, but hopefully we are on the mend. Russ and I still have not gotten sick (Thank you, Father!) but are worn out from taking care of everyone else's sickness and not getting much sleep. We would appreciate your prayers as we head into the busy Christmas season! We hope to be done with all of this by the time Christmas arrives, giving us one month of "freedom" before the new baby comes and adds her spin on our days and nights. :)


G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

Reading this just breaks my heart. Seriously, sick kids is AWFUL! People just don't understand until they've been there and done that. You poor thing (s)... DEF praying!!

Wallace Family said...

Laughed out loud at the part about Noa asking you to watch things that are not worth watching. I don't think that parents are supposed to be that honest. I love it. Poor Ruthie! She is the most pathetic in that picture:(