Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas so far!

We have yet to go to Pops & Nana's house today, but the girls had a blast opening all of their gifts this morning. Noa was in a terrible mood due to keeping her out late just about every night this week, but as soon as we started with the presents, her mood turned around a little bit. Thankfully. All in all, it was wonderful but so much work! Russ and I are already exhausted and it is only noon.

Here's some pictures of the Christmas Eve service last night. Unfortunately, these were the best we could get. Noa was in the worst mood and just kind of whined around. Ruthie is getting too fast to sit still for a good picture...

After the service we let them open one present (which was their jammies for the next morning, which was still very exciting for them).
And here we are this morning in our new jammies!
Ruthie needed help at first, but quickly got the hang of opening the presents (and wanting more) and was actually a little speedier than Noa. Noa kept getting side-tracked, wanting to examine each gift before moving on.
Noa wanted to hold all of her presents at once the whole morning...
Grammy sent Noa these things for her hair, but because there was two of them, she thought they were earrings. So she walked around with these on for a while... her Avatar look. Weird.

We have some videos and more pictures to come, but thought this would hold all the grandparents off for a while. Much love as you celebrate Jesus' birth today!

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