Friday, December 17, 2010


While everyone else in the US is building real snowmen, our neighbors gave us their light up snowmen when they found out Noa was in love with all of the snowmen in the neighborhood. How sweet! So now we are the proud owners of, "a Mommy one, a Daddy one, and a Baby one snowman," according to Noa. :) We have one out front and two in the backyard. Here's some pictures of her as soon as we put them up. She was giddy! She kept wanting to feed them dirt out of the garden and kept hugging and kissing them.

She kept saying, "Mom, take a picture of me with the snowmen," and then just stood right next to them with her hands clasped like it was something formal. So funny! Unfortunately, right after this picture, they kept blowing over because it was so windy, but I think she liked feeding them dirt and nursing them back to health - so she didn't care!
Ruthie wanted to play outside too, but she didn't care too much for the snowmen and opted to stay on the porch.

It is soooooo nice having everyone back up to speed. Ruthie took her last dose of meds the other day and it seems like we're finally well around here, just in time for Christmas!


The Martins said...

Ruthie that face girlfriend is priceless. You don't look amused at all... haha I love it though!

Home school Mom said...

awww....I like the snowmen! They do look like they could use some snow though! I think the girls would love our winter wonderland up here! It's gorgeous right now! ;)
I'm glad you're all feeling well now for Christmas!!
Merry Christmas! ;))