Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer is Here

In no particular order...
Dora "candies" and wings!
After Ruthie saw Noa's candies, she HAD to wear Noa's Dora jammies. Side note: we can't stand Dora. I don't know why I broke down and bought these pj's or the underwear for that matter. The older they get, it is really hard to find pj's without characters on them though. So, I guess we're going with the flow. I want to sell Jesus pj's. I wonder if they would be a hit? Jesus is waaayyyy better than Dora.

I think this is the best one yet!
I let Lydie have some tummy-time at Daddy's office and she fell asleep, sucking her thumb right there in the middle of the floor...
...and then woke up all smiles!
Someone was ready for the beach!
Ruthie and "Hoo-ee" her horse. She loves his tail.
Their new favorite spot.
Nana's house
A day in the life
Not only do we have a duck family that visits all the time, we now have DEER! This is the first and only time we've ever seen them, although I'm sure they've been there all along. :) I need to quit praying these animals in or else we'll have a zoo in the backyard.

Dress up, complete with "Bubba Teeth." Ooooo SCARY!


The Davison Family said...

That last picture of Noa is hilarious. She's so funny!!

Melissa Edwards said...

I love all your pictures! They just make me smile! The last one of Noa is priceless!

G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

the bubba teeth. amazing!! ;)

Dawn Dausman said...

LOVE your personal backyard zoo. and we too are not fans of Dora.... booo. I'd buy JC Pjs if you made them. Totally cooler than Dora. For sure.