Sunday, May 1, 2011

Waterfront Park

Happy Birthday Mom! Here's a sweet little post for you. Wish you were here!!

The weather was perfect tonight, so we made a little picnic and went downtown to Waterfront park. It was soooo beautiful! And what do little kids love more than anything? WATER!!
They were a little sheepish at first, but quickly warmed up to it.

They made some little friends who showed them how to get totally drenched.

Precious Lydie was sooooo patient. :) It was pretty windy and I don't think she liked it very much.

Then they found this grate thing that made noise when they jumped on it, so that kept them busy for a long time. They loved it - especially Ruthie. Everyone that walked by thought they were so sweet, especially a pack of 3 older ladies who were just captivated. I wonder if there's some people out there who just never see kids. And then there's me, who gets to spend every minute with these cuties. Priceless.


Melissa Edwards said...

I know I say this every time but they are just so precious! I love to watch children play. It is good for the soul!
Thanks for sharing!

Home school Mom said...

Hey girl!
Thanks for stopping over to my blog and sharing those wonderful tips. Here is what I've learned so far.....
I was actually reading on how bakers transport cupcakes. Some of them are pretty creative. Some use pins and stick the cupcake on the pin, so it doesn't move. Some glue little cups to a cardboard, so they stay in place and put the cupcake in it. Others went to GFS and bought disposable muffin trays. I'm thinking I might use this option. I have also heard of putting cardboard in the bottom of a cake box. I'm so afraid they will tip over in the car and be a mess, but it's good to know it worked for you! ;) And it's good to know it holds 50 tightly! Cupcakes are so fragile and tricky, but so fun for a party! Thanks for the tip! It's really appreciated!! :)
PS....your girls are adorable in their little sweet dresses! ;))

Jackie Miller said...

Yeah, Bets. 50 is not quite like 250, so I'm not sure how well the cake boxes would stack if that's what you're needing to do. I was also thinking about the muffin tin option, but thought it would be a hassle to get them out once put in. ??? Let me know what you try, I'm curious as to how it goes for you... AND, they couldn't have picked anyone better to make YUMMY cupcakes!! Eat some for me! :)