Monday, June 25, 2012

Get in the Picture!

I read a blog a few months ago that challenged parents to get IN the pictures with their kids. I thought it was a great idea and I really don't think I have too many pictures with each of the girls. Obviously, it is less than motivating to take pictures of yourself when you're constantly changing in size and wearing the same maternity clothes you did 4 years ago. And then you have to actually remember to take the pictures and have cooperative participants. Challenging! But, tonight before the girls went to bed, I was like, 'what the heck. It has been a long day and I have on weird make-up and the girls are in the pj's and blah. blah. blah. but lets get some pics!' I'm happy we did it. We need to do it more.

Parents, are you getting IN the pics with your cute kids? Honestly, when we look through pictures with the girls, they are the most excited about the ones with Mommy and Daddy. I think they would rather see pics of me and Russ than themselves! So, I'm passing the challenge on. And just in case you feel like you have to get all done up before the pictures are taken, here's our results from tonight:
Mommy and Ya Baby. She was wild tonight!
My Noa girl. She was the most cooperative, so we have more shots with her than the other two wiggle-worms.

I'm so in love with this girl!

And my Ruthie Joy. Tough to get a picture of her without Hooie's tail being in her face, but mission accomplished!

What a blessing these girls are. Sorry, brother. No pics of the belly tonight. I know I need to just to keep record of it, but I'm so over it! Maybe tomorrow...

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