Monday, July 2, 2012

Baby Brother

Well, baby brother is 24 weeks along and not wanting to cooperate for any pictures. In most of the shots he has his hands in front of his face, so this is actually the best one. Isn't he sweet? I love him. The good thing is he's measuring 50th percentile in weight, which is average and not yet huge. The bad thing is they've been wearing me out with appointments. Today was a blessing though, when the doctor wanted to see me in 2 weeks rather than 1. Thank you, Lord! I'll take it! Please pray that my sugars get better, that I'm disciplined with my eating, that I change the rates in my pump when they need to be changed, and that I stay aggressive with it. I am feeling very discouraged by it all lately. It is just so constant and it will only get harder as the baby gets bigger. It feels like I am never doing anything right, which is a heavy weight to bear. Quite honestly, even if I was doing everything perfectly, it would be tough to keep up with, so I think the only way it will get better (i.e. where the OB's want it to be) is through prayer. So please say a prayer for me and baby brother today!

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Nancy said...

Praying for you, Jackie. It is a selfless and difficult job to give your body in pregnancy, even more so with medical issues.