Thursday, June 7, 2012

Noa's First Daddy Daughter Date

Someone texted Russ today and said they had 2 free tickets to see Kari Jobe tonight. I didn't feel like finding a sitter and was kind of tired, so after a few minutes of thinking about it, Russ wanted to take Noa! Perfect! This was her first daddy/daughter/date experience. It is not often that we get to spend alone time with our kids, so Russ was soooo excited to go.

Noa kept fidgeting with her dress before they left. She said she wanted 2 ponies and kept calling it her date hair. She kept saying she was going to "rock it out." :)

Just found out they were going to see Kari Jobe!

Grabbing a bite to eat before the show - chicken fingers.

According to Noa, this was the best part of the evening.

But her date wasn't so bad either...

Earplugs to protect the future worship leader's ears (tissue)

Met some friends... (Noa has never/will never meet a stranger)

They were on the first row but decided to move to the balcony because it was so loud and she ended up liking the balcony better. Evidently she was more mesmerized by her milkshake and all the people than she was by Kari Jobe. Typical 4 year old...

All the while I got to spend time with this cutie. This was her "I'm so happy I got chocolate milk at Jason's Deli" face.

And this cutie. This isn't a picture from our night together as it was getting difficult to corral both of them and take pics. Actually, the night started to go south (in Jason's Deli at least) as Ruthie wouldn't stop getting up from the table, Lydie wanted nothing to do with her meal, and I kept having to go to the bathroom. What a date! We decided to get out of there (after everyone was completely covered in the free ice cream) and go to Target to get popcorn and shop for an outfit for baby brudder. No popcorn! They were out! Cheetos to the rescue. Found a few little shirts and then it was definitely time to go home, get a bath and go to bed, all while Noa and Daddy partied the night away. Russ has M.A.N.Y dates to look forward too. At least he gets a break with this last little buddy. ;)


G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

I love daddy/daughter dates and just think, someday you'll be on a mama/son date!! noa looks adorable in her date hair, you need to do lots of piggy tails. :) I can't wait to see brudder, hope the next nineteen weeks fly by!

Home school Mom said...

awww....adorable. I love the daddy/daughter date. And, YES....he'll have many dates with all those little girls. :) Looks like a fun time and Noa cracks me up! What a sweet girl.