Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Boy Thoughts

I must admit, since we found out, I've had the Phil Collins song "Against All Odds" running through my mind. I actually like that song quite a bit. Might be my favorite Phil Collins song, but there are so many hits - so maybe not. Of course, only the title applies to our situation. :) But right before the ultrasound, we met with the OB who said that the more of one gender you have, the more likely you are to have that same gender. Is that really true? I don't know. But even the OB was putting her money on a girl. So was I.

Evidently boys are magical or something because everyone is going crazy about the news. Two of my friends said they cried! What?! I would never cry over something like that and we're talking about my child here! I definitely wish I were more emotional at times, but you know, you just can't work those things up. Actually, my mind first went to how I was excited to get rid of a bunch of girls clothes that I'm sick of looking at. How's that for sentimental?

Everyone has also been asking how we responded during the ultrasound. When the tech asked if we wanted to know (which, of course, we said, "YES!") and then typed "It's a boy" on the screen, I sat up in the chair and said, "NO WAY!!!!!! What?! Where?!" (We have only seen arrows pointing to va-jayjays so I couldn't even tell on the screen until she pointed it out.) And that was about it. We waited for her to go through all the necessary things for about 45 more minutes and then she left. We smiled. Went to lunch. Couldn't think of names. No display of emotions in this house! :) But, yes. We are very excited for this new adventure, we just express that in a calm way.

Here are some flowers Russ brought home for me the day of our ultrasound. I love him.

I have to be honest though...thinking that this may be our last (jury is still out but who would want to do this FIVE times in a row?), I was kind of sad thinking that we may never have a baby girl in the house again. I love baby girls. And ours are the sweetest! And Ya is already a big girl! But the Lord knows the plans he has for our family, which definitely included a wonderful little boy. I am still in shock but I'm sure that in a year I'll look back on this post and wonder how I could've ever lived without this sweet baby.

Speaking of sweet... Here's a picture of our new nephew Luke! He was not quite a day old in this picture - born yesterday morning. Praise the Lord!

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