Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday, Ruthie!

We had the perfect weather for Ruthie's party. I intentionally planned it at the spray play at 9:30 a.m. (a little early) to beat the heat, but it ended up being really nice, even without the water! And in August!! I was very thankful! But I am even more thankful for my sweet Ruthie. We had a few melt downs that morning because she was just. so. ready. for her party. But, all in all it was great. Lots of friends showed up and we had a blast.

Ruthie wanted a purple and blue Elmo party (purple and blue are her two favorite colors, in that order), and had a hard time keeping her hands off of the cupcakes before we sang to her. She was in *love*. :)

Proud of her accomplishment with the candles...

Lydie wandered all over the place. This was one of the *many* cupcakes she had that morning. We finally had to lock her down in the stroller and it is still blue.

This is after the party, when everyone ran over to the park to play. Why do I always stress out about having enough cupcakes??? Obviously the healthy snacks weren't much of a hit. Oh well. We tried. I at least got points from other moms for trying, right???? :)

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