Thursday, August 2, 2012

Surfside Beach

Last week we were so thankful to spend some family time in Surfside Beach! We weren't sure how it was going to go (kids are always a wild card - especially the sleeping part), but it isn't even 2 hours away, so we thought we would try it and if it wasn't working, we would just go home. But it worked! We had such a great time relaxing with our girls! These pictures are in no order - it already took me about 3o minutes to get them off the phones!

Ruthie with the Jellies at the Acquarium

Best Buds

We were across the street from the beach, so we just took the girls over in the wagon every morning and evening.

Snacks on the porch

Noa was very focused and worked on her sandcastles most of the time.

Lydie really liked hanging out in the wagon and opening and shutting the door. She got in the water and played in the sand too, but mostly she liked the wagon.

Uh-oh. Broke the shovel

Constant running = good naps!

Oops. Up-side-down. Back at the aquarium we found Nemo. I think they liked this stuffed Nemo more than any of the real fish.

Bad picture but FREAKY! I couldn't wait to get out of that tunnel. Bull sharks everywhere.

Noa's turn with Nemo

Ruthie's turn with Nemo

Three ducks in a row

Breakfast on the porch. Wow, look at Russ' gut in this picture! ;)

First night at Outback. It was a little bit crazy and our meal was rushed, but we prepared to be disappointed (not in the food, but with the kids) and we were! For the most part it was quick and a tad bit frustrating, but since this pregnant mom is wanting steak all the time, I still think it was worth it. :)

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