Thursday, April 24, 2008

Come on Noa, we're ready for you!

Today, while I was babysitting down the street, Linda and Melissa came over and brought the finished baby bedding for the nursery.
I thought this was all they were doing, but when I came home, I realized they had cleaned my whole house too!

And, if that weren't enough, they brought these 2 hanging baskets, weeded the beds, and put down new pinestraw!

So, Noa, you have no excuse...we are TOTALLY ready for you...even the yard is looking good!

But wait, there's MORE! While all of that was taking place, my awesome husband helped me babysit, and my sweet neighbor Amy gave me a foot massage (to try to reduce the obvious swelling) and painted my toenails. What a day of blessing! Thanks everyone!!

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Nickel Mom said...

Aaahh...that's so sweet of them. It all looks so nice!! What a sweet family you have! You are indeed very blessed!! :o) Hurry up Noa, we want to meet you! You will continue to be in our prayers! Hang in there, Jackie! Love ya! Bets