Sunday, March 20, 2011

Finally got the Bella Baby Pictures in! :)

As I look through these sweet pictures again, I can't help but realize that these girls are a precious gift from our good Father. Having 3 children back-to-back like we have, wouldn't necessarily have been my plan. There are definitely days when it is all I can do to just come up for breath. They certainly require a lot! But what a blessing. What a gift. A divine plan of sanctification was set in motion with the conception of each girl. I couldn't think of a better way, full of such challenges as well as so many sweet rewards, to draw near to our great Creator, Father, Savior, Friend, Counsellor, and Helper. I could go on and on.

Upon the announcement of our third very quick pregnancy, we received so many comments like, "don't you know how that happens?" etc., etc., etc. (Russ always liked to reply, "Yes we do and we're not stopping it!" - Total man comment.) I can't help but think that our society has it all wrong. We could get hung up here on the amount of kids one should have/could have, but I think the greater issue is simply how we view these little lives. Often times we see them as part of our plan, our American dream, our manageable life. And to some extent they are. But oh so much more! How many lives could be touched through sharp and ready arrows in my hand? How many sins could be exposed and uprooted from my life as I need the Lord's help to simply keep them alive each day?! Friends, we have been given much more than material for photo shoots. But the very breath of God was breathed into our beings to give Him glory and praise all of our days! I am so thankful the Lord saw fit to give us (thus far) 3 girls that are reminders of such a calling. May we be faithful to it all of our days.


Lauren said...

Thanks for sharing! I agree!

AdamRachelandBoys said...

I love this blog post, Jackie!! Speaking from someone who had three boys back to back I know just what you mean. We still get the "Have you figured out how that happens yet?" comments!
How blessed we are! :)I agree!