Monday, March 21, 2011

Mom Tip of the Year

Are you tired of passing out while you blow on your kids' food to cool it down? Here's what we do now. (That is oatmeal) If you're in the car just stick it up next to the A/C! Probably not the best tip of the year, but its gotta be in the top ten!
Here's what Noa picked out to wear today. She is totally into dressing up lately.
Sweet little Gee gee.
Crazy Babers. I have no idea what she's doing here but usn't she beautiful?!


The Weeks Family said...

So funny! I have used the car a/c trick but never thought about using a house fan! With oatmeal, I sometimes stick it in the freezer for a minute or put a small ice cube in it. Samuel likes his food pretty warm though so I usually just let his oatmeal sit long enough for me to get his diaper changed.

Melissa Edwards said...

Your girls are so beautiful!!