Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I am Famous!

I won an award! I won an award! Look at this!

I just need to tell you 7 things about myself and then choose my favorite blogs. Here''s some awesome reading for you.

1. I am not a dog lover. I actually could care less if I ever see a dog again. That does not mean I am a mean person. Don't even ask me about cats.

2. I love to shove handfuls of chips in my mouth while no one is looking. I think they taste better that way and I am sad that this is socially unacceptable. Don't dwell on that visual too long.

3. I prayed for braces my whole life and wanted my teeth to be fixed before my wedding day. God provided them for free and they were off about 10 months before I married Russ. I also have a crown. I watched Uncle Walt do my root canal in a mirror. I loved it.

4. I have no idea why my blog would be of interest to Mandy and I am shocked that I won this "award." I think I need more "awards" too. Not necessarily for my blog, just because I am awesome. I do however, hope those "awards" don't require me to do anything.

5. Noa was in my belly when we went to Ireland. Ever since St. Patrick's Day this year, she has been switching out "my" for "me." For instance, she'll say, "where is me sippy?" "I can't find me stroller." Weird.

6. Charleston is about a thousand times too hot for me and I complain about it from February to November.

7. I am madly in love with my Pastor. I secretly want to pawn my kids off on someone and run away with him to somewhere tropical for a week! Hint, hint: To do this, me and my Pastor would need a babysitter and some money. Think about it.

And because you've endured and I deliver, I will give you a bonus 8th intriguing fact about myself!

8. I can say all of the states in alphabetical order in 16 seconds. I hope we never acquire more states as this would ruin my time.

Here are the "winners!"

The Soler Family

The Nickel Family

The Talbott Family

Update! We have another "winner!"

The Wallace Family


k8 said...

My mom and I laughed out loud at your post!!! Haha you're awesome and totally deserve more awards!!!

thetalbotts said...

Hahaha! You're right--you ARE awesome! And that's not why I am's because of #5.

Now to figure out my interesting facts...hmmm.

G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

Awesome. Just awesome. I love that you want more awards, ones for doing nothing. I totally want that too. Lol.
And I love Noa's new irish/pirate talk. Arggggg me hearties!
Thanks for making me a winner, today just got that much better! ;)

Home school Mom said...

ha ha....that's hilarious, friend. ;)) Thanks for making me a winner. (what does this mean?) LOL :)
I'm not sure my blog is that interesting or 'award worthy', but I appreciate the gesture and I will try to come up with some interesting facts as well. ;)

Jackie Miller said...

Just spreadin' the love, girls...