Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Church Pics

Glad to be back in the game after a rough stomach-bug-kind-of-a-week last week. Everyone is doing better and back to busy!
This picture melts my heart... Best buds having dinner on the deck.
Everybody, get in the boat!!!
We've had some requests for pics of all three of them. This is so hard!!
Pretty Lydie
I'm sure Russ gets annoyed with me when right before we leave on Sunday (getting us all ready is quite an undertaking), I ask if we can take pictures of the girls because they look so sweet. We need to just build picture time into Sunday mornings, although they usually don't turn out very well, so why do we keep doing it?! My fault.
Hey everyone, don't look so excited for church.
That's better Noa! Wake up Ruthie!
Another attempt at getting all three. Dumb.


G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

LOL. "Dumb". You're hilarious. Hey, getting three kids under three to look at the camera at the same time should win you some type of world famous prize, so on that note, you did well. :) The girls are so adorable and my favorite pic is them on the deck eating dinner. What great memories!

The Martins said...

Ruthie Girl you crack me up... Her face is priceless in all those pictures...

Home school Mom said...

LOL...those are funny pictures. I love Ruthie's expression in all of them. She cracks me up. I love your attempts of getting the 3 girls together too. At least they're together. I'm sure once Lydia is sitting up, it will be a LOT easier. ;)) They do all look pretty for church though! Cute.