Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thankful Thursdays

I was so inspired a few weeks ago by my friend's Remember Me Mondays post on her blog. There is so much that I take for granted! I think that even with a different title, you would all know I am totally copying her idea. But if there were ever an idea to copy, wouldn't it be this one? Whatever I can do to foster a grateful heart, I want to do it! No. Let me rephrase that...I need to do it! - especially during this busy, distracted, full season.

For me, Thursdays are the most boring, long, uninspiring days. I usually have some type of a break from the girls most days, but on Thursdays I rarely do. What a perfect day to start documenting what He has done and is doing in my life. I need these constant reminders of His grace or else I become a really selfish, stressed out mommy, an inattentive wife, and a terrible example of Christ.

I love you, Father! You are good to your children! Today I am thankful for...

Sitting on the back porch in the early morning, watching my girls play and listening to the birds singing praise.

My sweet Russ planning the meals this week.

The opportunity to meet precious Lucy, a little girl from Thailand that we have prayed for now for over 2 years. What a picture of how we are adopted into God's family!

A wonderful discussion in our Tuesday Morning Bible Study despite my lack of preparation. :)

Russ constantly displaying a Daddy's strong love for his girls.

No one in our house has thrown up this week! The healing hand of our God is upon our household.

Friends down the street.

Not putting one ounce of effort towards the bounty of strawberries we found in last years' garden! And the sweet whisper of the Holy Spirit, reminding me in that moment, that it is not by my works that I am saved, but by his abundant grace.

Listening to my sweet Noa sing praise and worship in her 2 year old way.

Lydie's darling little newborn cry and the way she is soothed so easily when we pick her up.

It is so fun to recount His faithfulness to us in great and small ways! May you remember the Father in all you experience this week!


jessie said...

thanks for this post. it is so easy to get wrapped up in everything that is not important, and forget to notice the things that are. I needed this reminder today.

The Davison Family said...

The picture of Noa is so cute! Love that girl!

Melissa Edwards said...

Love it! And Noa is so excited about those strawberries!!! So sweet!

k8 said...

Thanks for the shout-out! :) We love you guys and are so thankful for YOU!! Your blog is always an encouragement and the Lord uses it to minister to me for sure!

Dawn Dausman said...

Girlfriend- you know that the best form of a compliment is imitation;) Call it anything you want and I'll always appreciate being copied from my Remember Me Mondays (which are MY hardest days!) Love you so so much And tell Russ thanks for the shout out on my post;) D