Saturday, April 2, 2011

All Smiles

Here's Russ with all his beautiful girls! We took this picture like 7 times. It is just so hard to get everyone on the same page!!
We are totally convinced that Chicks doesn't know what a smile is. Everyone thinks she is serious, but she is a really goofy kid! She is smile-challenged in pics.
Here's attempt #2. This is usually what her smile looks like. Just teeth. She was so proud of her outfit since she picked it out, that she didn't mind me trying 10 times (to no avail) to get a smile. How about her new little haircut though?! Cute, cute!!
Babers has a new love. Her jean jacket! She calls this (and her new sister) her gee gee and she wants to wear it all the time, as you will see in the last picture.
Gee gee has been working on her smiles too! This is right before she started to cry (love that lip!), but the next picture is my attempt at getting her smiling. Not great, but I think you can see a little smile at least.
Such a sweet little girl! Since babies don't smile for about 6 or 7 weeks, we never knew she had a dimple. We just noticed it this week! I was so excited as I never even thought that dimples might be in the mix (neither Russ nor I have them and I can't think of many dimples on either side). So far I can only see one (which is more rare), but maybe there's two hiding in there somewhere. I could watch her smile all day. She is the sweetest.

But here's my favorite picture of all time! How about these girlies?!?! Noa loves her boots and Ruthie loves that jacket! Notice "Ansley" (Noa's Minnie) stuffed down the neck of her jammies too. She carries her babies in the neck of her shirts all the time. Drives me crazy because they're all stretched out. But these girls make me laugh! This looks like an album cover or something! In fact, Noa makes up her own music all the time. She likes to sing on the deck and yesterday I heard her saying, "Hallelujah (her L sound is actually a W, so it was Haweewuwah), hallelujah, shake it up, shake it up, shake it up and oooobbbbeeeeeeyyyy Mommy. Obeeeeyyy Daddy. Shake it up, shake it up!" So funny.


G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

We must have the same idea tonight! Out here in blog world. ;)
I loooove the jean jacket! And yes, the pic of the two of them looks just like an album cover- so funny, they'll love that picture when they're older. And the way I see family pictures now, is if ANYONE is looking the camera, it's good engough! Lol.

Home school Mom said...

Such cute girls...even without smiles. ;) I love the song that Noa sang...funny. I think you should send that picture of the two of them for next year's Christmas card. So funny. I feel like I have goofy pictures like that of my sister and I. Although, I don't believe WE dressed ourselves....I think the outfits are goofy and it was my Mom that dressed us! ;) Those are classic.