Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Noa's Birthday Party

My sweet friend Dawn was nice enough to snap a few pictures at Noa's party on Saturday. Thanks!! We had a splendid time celebrating our girl and were so blessed by all of the family and friends who came out to celebrate her with us. It was definitely a blessing to her.

A Daddy's work is never done. :)
Oh my. This is so, so normal for Babers.
Little Lydie was a champ. She was perfectly content with her Nana the entire party and even waited 4+ hours to eat, just to celebrate her big sis.
These cupcakes were the source of way, way too much thought on my part. They consumed my mind all week until I actually got to put them together. Noa loved them though. At first she said, "Mom, where's Minnie's face?" but then I explained we were just decorating with her ears and she seemed o.k. with that. :) Worst part? Squishing Starburst into the little bows. Killed my thumbs.

I think Noa thought the cupcakes were magical. So did I! After all, isn't chocolate magical?

Notice that Babers has a different bag of chips in her hand in every picture. Like mother, like daughter...

Oh how we love you, our sweet Noa who doesn't know how to smile on demand! You make our hearts overflow with joy. Happy 3rd Birthday to our silly Chicks!


The Weeks Family said...

We were at the JI County Park Saturday for a family picnic! I'm surprised we didn't see you but there were about 1000 parties going on at the same time, I think! :) The cupcakes are adorable... very creative.

The Davison Family said...

That last picture of Noa is so cute! It's totally her :)

Jenny G. said...

Yeah, I agree with Mel... (that's what I was going to comment on too)... that last photo of Noa is precious! I love it!

jessie said...

what cute pictures! I feel like you girls are growing up very fast. I loved the cupcakes and the holder you had for them too. very craft-bloggie.

G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

Happy Birthday Noa!!! I still remember her in the hospital with those little chubby cheeks. Man, time flies right!! And you did AWESOME on the cupcakes!!! You thought of that on your own, so cute! And tell Linda, she & Bruce look so young, that looks like it could be here baby in the bjorn. :)

Melissa Edwards said...

I love her face in the last picture! It just makes me smile! What beautiful girls you have!!