Thursday, August 18, 2011

Computer Problems

Yeah. My computer finally broke down. We now have a new one (and I am using Russ' old one) but it has really been a process getting everything transferred over to his new one. So I have been left without a computer most days. I think we finally have it straightened out. Anyway, haven't been able to update things as usual. Here's some pictures I found of our Michigan trip.


Yaya trying cereal for the first time. She loved it! Unfortunately, I am too lazy to give it to her most of the time.
Ruthie had a Dora ("Doo-wa") party for her birthday. It was small - just family - but she felt like a super star. She LOVED it! I think all of our pictures are on Linda's camera. I only have a video. Maybe I can upload it.

And now for a Ruthie expose...


The Martins said...

I love the videos.. Ruthie you are so funny :)

G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

I've been having the most random dreams lately, (hello pregnant hormones!) and you & Russ were in my dream last night just greeting a bunch of people, really a pointless dream with no real "plot" to it, but made me laugh about my brain, I guess even my subconscience is missing you guys! Hope all is well and not sure if you heard, but there is an "Art of Marriage" conference on Sept 23rd & 24th (friday night, saturday day) at Journey, it'd be awesome if ya'll could come!