Tuesday, August 16, 2011


For all of you who have been praying with us, here's the latest.

Linda's surgery was today. She was up at the hospital to prep for it all day yesterday and the surgery started early this morning. It took all day - I think 10+ hours - and the results are good. From what I understand, the remaining cancerous tissue was larger than they thought it was going to be, and because of that they were thinking about removing a kidney as well (this was not in the plan), but they didn't end up having to do that. Thank you Lord! The removed what they needed to, did not find any more cancer anywhere else, and she is recovering now. The doctors were very positive about the way the surgery went, how they think her recovery will be, and if all goes well she may be discharged as early as Monday. Her birthday is next Wednesday, so they may even be back in Charleston on that day. Pray that that happens!! Wouldn't that be wonderful?!

All in all, we know that she is in the Lord's hands. We thank the Lord for His goodness today and everyday and we are so thrilled that they did not find anymore cancer. Please continue to pray as there's still a long road ahead.

Good and gracious Father, today we thank you for your awesome care and concern for Linda, for a successful surgery, for preserving her kidneys, and overall for keeping her safe, and we place her recovery in your hands. God is good!

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