Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nana's Quilt

"Who has the best Nana in the whole world?"

"I DO!"

This is something the girls are always shouting at the top of their lungs. And it is true! This is a picture from when Noa was born. Nana has been a great help with the girls over the last few years.
Sadly, she'll be taking a tiny break from her "Nana responsibilites" for the next few months as she undergoes surgery and chemo to take care of the aggressive cancer they found in her bladder. We decided I needed to get to work on a quilt to spruce up her hospital room, as her stay will be at least a week, if not a few weeks. I was really wanting to try one of these cross quilts, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity. I originally wanted to make all of the crosses red to symbolize the blood of Christ, but later thought that would be a little too serious since there were already so many serious things taking place. So, later I decided on the Kumari Garden line because I thought it looked like her. It also had a trace of red running through some of the fabrics, which tied it back to my original plan. :) So... I thought it was a great, tangible thing to remind me to pray, sing, and speak life over her as I assembled the whole thing.
I love how it turned out! So girly and fun and bright!
I also liked the butterfly fabric and of course it reminded me of our life in Christ.
The back got a little bit "piece-y," but maybe it looks a little more vintage that way. I like it.
Don't look too close because you are sure to find many mistakes. But all in all, I think it blessed our Nana. :) My prayer is that she will be kept safe during the surgery and chemo, that the best possible outcome will take place, that she would trust the Lord and feel his perfect peace surrounding her constantly, that those who see the quilt in the hospital would ask about it and hear an incredible testimony of God's grace and care for us, that those who don't know Christ -whether family, friends, strangers, whoever!!- would come to salvation in Him as they see the Lord at work here, and lastly,that all of this would go as smooth and quickly as possible so our girls (and Micah) can see their Nana again soon... Please pray with us!!


Melissa Edwards said...

What a sweet sweet thing to do. It is beautiful! And what a wonderful sharing piece for the Gospel! Love it!

walkergirl said...

So sorry to hear Jackie. The quilt is beautiful. Pray all will go well for your mother-in-law. Tough stuff! Blessings!

Jenny G. said...

Great idea! The quilt is beautiful. I love the fabric & colors and I know Linda will too! Good job!

melissa h. said...

oh my gosh. love it. the quilt the meaning everything. praying for nana!

G-Metal, Coco, Angel Face and Bunny said...

I'm so sad to hear what you all are going thru, especially Linda! I'm so thankful she has such an amazing support system of true prayer warriors. We're all praying too! Your quilting skills are unbelievable. I'm so impressed! I know she'll cherish it.

Home school Mom said...

LOVE the quilt! I need you to live closer, so you can make me lots of fun, pretty things like that! hee hee! We're praying for your entire family and especially Nana! Keep us posted!
Take Care,