Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hooie, come back!

So here is "Hooie," Ruthie's best friend and beloved little horse. Last week we went to the Children's Museum and in a bizarre series of events, somehow lost him. Russ and I aren't sure if she left him there, dropped him on the street, or even stuffed him in something here at home and we just haven't found him yet. The last option seems highly unlikely, since we've looked everywhere for this little guy, but I guess it is still possible, as neither of us remember seeing him when we took the girls downtown.

Anyway, I'm sure it is just the pregnancy, but I am so sad for Ruthie! She was with Hooie more than she was with anyone! When I see his picture, I feel like I've lost one of my kids. Yes, I'm sure it is the pregnancy.

Ruthie always loved to turn Hooie upsidedown and rub her face with his tail. So his bum was always in her face. :) We told her that a new Hooie was coming in the mail, but he's still not here yet. I spent all day figuring out what BRAND he was (since the tag was all rubbed off) and then trying to find a replacement Hooie. The best I could do is one that looked like Hooie's crazy uncle or cousin or something, but he's on the way!

When I showed Ruthie the picture of "New Hooie," she wasn't quite sure at first, but now that she knows another Hooie is coming, I think she's o.k. with the whole thing. She keeps saying, "Hooie, come back!" and "I'm sad be-tuz Hooie is wost." And of course we pray for him to come home every night. Funny how all of these little thing affect us, but they do! Especially if you're pregnant.


Irene Weeks said...

Awwww... hope she loves the new Hooie. Samuel lost his teddy in the mall around Christmas. We searched everywhere... Charles was racing around like a mad man asking everyone he saw about a sad little blanket teddy! We ended up getting another one at Target (I think we were more sad about it than he was!) He liked the new one but actually started gravitating toward his favorite blanky (which I think Russ ended up swiping from MMO??? :) Anyway, if new Hooie has the same tail, she will probably be fine because we found it is actually the satin that Samuel likes to rub on his face, not necessarily that particular teddy!!

The Davison Family said...

Oh no!! Poor ruthie! Hope the new, crazy looking hooie comes soon!

Wallace Family said...

Oh no! I need her to have new Hooie quicker!