Friday, March 30, 2012

The Tubs Are Out!

Is it Summertime? I don't know. Probably not in most areas of the country, but Charleston summers are pretty much constant, so I guess it is Summer. In March. Blah. I'm trying not to get too depressed as I think of being gigantic and sweaty for the rest of the year. But, my 3 little munchkins love Summer. We found some tubs in the garage and filled them up with water today. It kept them busy for a while! Even Little Ya was lovin' it!

And just to make the activity stretch a little longer, I made them keep playing in it even when they were saying they were cold. Ruthie was not too happy about that. I had to though. I just couldn't take thinking of something else to do.
Anyway, I'm a bloggin' fool lately! Don't get too used to it. You never know how long these little spurts will last. But who doesn't like seeing these cute girls in their swimming suits?!

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