Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fountain of Fun and Other Happenings

"O.k. girls. We are just here for a picnic. We didn't bring your suits and we don't have towels, so we're not getting in the fountain today. O.k.?"
"I mean it. Stop putting your feet in. We're not getting in today."
"Babers, stop crawling around in the water."

"Noa, why did you just sit down when I told you not to?"
Aren't you glad we let them break the rules sometimes? It was the perfect night for some fountain fun, and it actually wasn't as crazy as it might seem although they didn't eat one bite of their dinner. We just let them ride home in dipes and they thought it was awesome!
This was another day where Russ must've been taking them for a walk to get them out of my hair for a few moments. If we walk through the woods, there's a great neighborhood with a lake on the other side and the girls love to walk over there.
This one melts my heart!

Babers is lookin' pretty beachy in this picture with all the blonde hair shining in the sun!
Here we have Noa (chose her own outfit - very colorful) on the day before Easter looking for eggs at our house. It lasted about 2 minutes, but the girls thought it was soooo incredible.
And here's how Little Ya has been most of the week, but especially on Easter. Poor baby somehow ended up with Hand-foot-mouth virus, which turned into some wheezing. The doctor noticed her overall condition and also some sores on her hand and caught it right away. I haven't seen any more sores anywhere, but she might have them all on the back of her throat. I hope not, as it can be kind of painful. Anyway, she's had to be on breathing treatments, steroids, and antibiotics all week, but is starting to act more like herself, although a much crankier version.
And here she is on Easter with Grandma. She must've laid on her for about an hour.
And then she laid on Pops for another hour or more. Is this a sweet picture, or what?

Post egg hunt with the grands on the porch. Who needs to invest in baskets? We just use grocery bags.
This picture is for all of you who are feverishly googling "hand-foot-mouth" right now. Just wanted you to know that Lydie is fine. It sounds a little medieval, but it is just a virus that has to run its course. This was bath time tonight and as you can see, her little smile has returned. Thank you, Lord!

When my kids are really sick, I often think of people in places where there's no/little medical help and I am very thankful that all we do is run to the store and get them some meds. I am so thankful for our health as we are on the other side of a pretty terrible week. We had lots of sleepless nights and I am still feeling bad myself (both morning sickness -STILL!- and an achy cold). Poor Russ was carrying us all this week. But the Lord is good. He sustains even the most frail among us, doesn't He? What a miraculous and caring God we serve.

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Irene Weeks said...

Love to let them break some of the rules sometimes! Your pictures are great.
I had hand food mouth when I was in high school... it was awful! My mom took me to a doctors care on a Saturday morning because my mouth was literally covered in sores. There wasn't a spot in my mouth or throat that didn't have one. It is contagious too (they said I could have gotten it from touching a shopping cart at the store...ugh) so hope the rest of you were able to avoid it.