Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Real Deal

One night I asked Russ to take a few pictures of my belly so that the new baby would have some pictures to look back on.  We all know I don't need another belly shot and I am definitely not excited about them anymore.  After taking a few shots he kindly suggested that maybe ten o'clock at night after a long day wasn't the best time to take pictures.  But we pressed on.  And since you will always get the raw, unedited version of our lives, I am posting this pic. This is the best shot we could muster.

A few thoughts...
1. Why do I always take these belly shots in front of my sink?
2.  I can't remember if this is 11 or 12 weeks along.  Does it matter?  Poor Baby 4.
3.  If anyone is able to achieve their 4th pregnancy in a row without immediately sporting a double chin, I want to know who they are, if they are eating, and if their baby is actually healthy.
4. Hair is the longest it has been in years.  Not sure it is as gorgeous as I'm thinking it is in my head.
5. Skirt is definitely awful but I will be wearing it all summer to avoid any more maternity purchases.

And just to redeem ourselves, here's the more beautiful side of our unedited lives.  How do these girls do it?  No make-up, no nothing.  Eat your heart out all of you airbrushed celebrities!

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Home school Mom said...

Ha ha...that's a PERFECT shot and describes your life right now to a T! Your 4th baby will one day appreciate this shot! LOL :D Press on, girlfriend!
Love ya,