Sunday, April 8, 2012

He Is Risen Indeed!

Happy Easter, everyone!

Cute girls but they wouldn't wear their bows. Sigh. Oh well, I'll still take 'em.
Lyds screamed like crazy, but I did manage to get a bow in her hair. Unfortunately, she constantly had snot all over the place all morning long. Ick. She was sooo done when I was taking these pictures. We've been sick this week and she's just not herself.
Mom, put me to bed pleeeease!

Here's a video (not a very good one) of Noa singing last week on Palm Sunday. Ruthie sat in my lap and wouldn't go up. She's been scared of everything and was scared of some man, so she chickened out. But Noa enjoyed herself, for sure. I didn't have a very good angle, so towards the end I focused on the screen because I could actually see Noa better that way. She's in the leopard dress. The kids were mesmerized by the screen and kept looking at themselves the whole time. I didn't notice until I just watched the video back, but check out the kid that fell off the stage! I don't know who it was! I didn't even see it on that day! Poor baby.

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