Thursday, May 24, 2012

Loud Lyd

I knew it was going to happen one of these days. Sweet little Lydie has come into her own in the last week or two. I can not believe how loud she is! I think she's our loudest kid yet. She learned how to say "no," (which sounds more like "neh") and it is her go-to word for everything. She tells us no, she tells her sisters no, she tells her babies no, and she even tells herself no quite a bit. But it is usually accompanied by a little tantrum, at least when she is addressing her parents. She's been taking it out of me this week!! But then tonight we realized that she is teething again (I feel like she's always teething - must have twenty sets of molars or something) and I'm hoping that is the reason for the ornery behavior - or as least some of the reason. There are sooooo many things to love about Lydie though, like her dimples, her big brown eyes, her incredible sleeping habits, her sweet little laugh... I could go on... So I guess can handle a little crankiness from time to time, even if it comes in a loud kind-of-a way.

Side note: Please pray for her breathing. She is wheezing again, which means multiple nebulizer treatments a day (We aim for 4 treatments which are about 15-20 minutes each = annoying for mommy and baby!!!) She has a cough that just won't go away and well, I'm just tired of the sickness and these treatments, so please pray for her to be done with this. I'm hoping that the wheezing doesn't last beyond this present cough/congestion, but the doctors said it might. Just need to wait and see and PRAY!

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